Planning a Fighting game (game jam 2)

Over the course of the next month, myself and 4 others have been tasked with building a fighting game together. I'm looking forward to having a producer this time to allocate work properly, and avoiding the mistakes I made last time, especially relating to time management.

We have a producer, designer, artist, and 2 programmers. I'm hoping there being 2 programmers will help alot since we can both focus on parts of the game we're more confident with. At the moment it looks like I'll be contributing more to the front end of the game and polishing the user experience.

So far I've setup a Unity (2021.1.31f) project and source control via Plastic SCM for other members of my team to clone and work on simultaneously. Merge requests should be fairly simple to deal with, but we're avoiding the need to do them by working on different scenes and scripts if we are both working at the same time.

It's very refreshing to be working in an environment I've got lots of past experience with as opposed to using Godot in the project prior to this one. I've still got lots to learn about C# but I am very familiar with the Unity editor.

We had a call in Discord where we discussed the core parts of our game and quickly hooked onto the idea that you'd play as a squirrel in a park fighting off waves of dogs and other animals! I am definitely excited about making it into a finished product and thing it has great potential! Everyone has already come up with lots of great ideas and concepts that I look forward to implementing and seeing in the final game.