Prototyping a 2D character control system (game jam 2)

Over the last ~2 weeks, we have completed a prototype for how the movement in the game will feel, and have enough sprites to start representing what the game will look like in a finished state.

all sprites currently in the game

My main contributions at this point have been towards the menu systems and support for saving/loading preferences (not yet implemented into ui). Next what I'm planning to work on is combining the player scripts, since they're currently separate for player 1+2, which makes development work much slower as we have to manually replicate the changes across to the other script.

redundant duplication of our movement scripts

I'll also be removing the platforming elements currently in the game. This is because after testing the prototype we realised it just made moving around the stage unneccessarily complex, which would have complicated enemy AI and dodging attacks.

(bad) platforming example

In our current iteration of the main menu, I've used linear interpolation to provide a less jarring way to move between sections of the main menu, which I feel helps give a more physical feel to the game.

camera interpolation between main menu section